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Time to Play, Never Tasted Such a Sweet Thing


Jackie likes the smell of grass he used to play ball, playing in the sun. If Jackie had his way, he’d give some cut grass to everyone.
                                                                            -Widespread Panic
The move to Boston and global warming have conspired to create a new cycle for the change of seasons. In years past, my Spring had a system: Pitchers and catchers report, I take a weekday afternoon to hike or a day trip to the beach before the condo commandos invade, and then take a day off for Opening Day.
The culmination of this was always opening day at Yankee Stadium. There was no guarantee of warmth and sunshine, but by this time, I’d stolen at least two or three quality days in the great outdoors and the first pitch was a promise that summer was coming soon, along with the things that make it a series of lovely moments: the smell of the outdoors in the morning, the breeze off the water, cold beers over evening NHL games, the hum of a ballpark wh…

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